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Band Members:

Marko Eskola -- vocals
Toni Salminen -- guitars
Riku Airisto -- drums
Pekka Kauppila -- bass


01. Time-Tables
02. Coma September
03. Sixty-Nine
04. Faint Light
05. Recondite
06. Wings
07. A Temporary Death
08. Helpless
09. Monster
10. The Mentally Disabled And The Artist

This band hails from Finland and is considered to be a progressive death metal band. I guess that's another way of saying that they're death metal but at the same time they put together complex song structures and and engage in intricate melodic playing which is true. At the same time they are fairly aggressive and utilize the death metal growling that is common amongst those types of bands. They also tend to incorporate a bit of jazz here and there as well. Makes for a rather interesting record. The only troubling aspect is that they are influenced heavily by Opeth and tend to sound too much like Opeth. That's not necessarily a bad thing on their part but they need to work on working in influences but at the same time adding their own style. All the same I enjoyed the record and "Monster" is a really good ditty. This is definitely a talented bunch of guys and I look forward to what comes next.