Band Website:

Band Members:
Thomas Vddndnen -- vocals
Henrik Svegsjo -- guitar
Patrik Lindgren -- guitar
Joakim "Jocke" Kristensson -- drums
Kimmy Sjolund -- bass
Peter Lof -- synthesizers


01. Far At Helvete
02. Jag Spar Fordarv
03. Farsotsider
04. Host
05. Sjalavrak
06. Elddagjamning
07. Baldersbalet
08. Tiden Laker Intet

I know what people are going to say. It's sung in Swedish and you can't understand the lyrics. Well, you can't understand the lyrics of death metal half the time anyway so chill. Besides there's nothing wrong with new experiences. Now moving on. These guys are deep and dark as only the Swedes can be I dare say. The production on this CD is fabulous. One isn't used to such solid production coming from a death metal band. Some of the songs contain acoustic guitar parts which I thought was pretty interesting and the songs are such a good variety that you don't find yourself nodding off. The overall atmosphere is dark and brooding. I would recommend giving this a spin.