Band Website:
Fat Sam


Band Members:

Adam Cherry -- drums
Gordon Price -- vocals
Jerry Mann -- guitar
Jim Mann -- bass


01. Kick It
02. In Your Face
03. Roll Your Way
04. Queen Bee Bitch
05. Fat Sam
06. Flag Covered Box

These guys sent me their demo and I must say it has that old school rock and roll flavor to it that is sorely lacking in a lot of bands these days. They recorded it in California and Virginia. It's also produced by Stacey Heydon of Iggy Pop and Davie Bowie fame. The lyrical content is basically something you should pay attention to because you can relate to the things these guys sing about. If you like guitar driven rock and roll, give these guys a listen. Their previouis project was Toast which was a cool project as well. AC/DC touts these guys so give them a listen.