Band Website:
Fear Nuttin Band


Band Members:

Prowla -- vocals
Matt Penza -- drums
Roosta -- vocals
Jay Chung -- guitar
Brian Daigle -- bass
Chris Regan -- guitar


01. Enemy
02. Rule The World
03. Dun Di Place
04. Police State
05. Pon Di Black
06. Vibes
07. Runaway
08. Fears
09. No
10. Champagne
11. Can't Get Mi Weed
12. Friends
13. Real Music

Every once in while I get a real gem amongst the many CDs that come pouring in. Something that really stands out to me and opens my mind. Well, the Bodog folks outdid themselves. They brought to my attention a band that combines reggae with metal and hip-hop and actually doesn't turn me off. I love reggae music I am no big fan of rap. Some people pull it off well enough that I might like a song or two but usually I'm not really into it. But the vocalists in this band are really fun to listen to and they bounce off of each other really well. The music is really catchy and you just catch yourself bobbing along to the tunes. They've got some great political and social messages as well as some fun and light hearted lyrical content. All in all I really enjoyed the CD.