Band Website:
Fell Far Behind


Band Members:

Michael Hak -- vocals
Michael Ciamaichelo -- guitar
Matt Carmody-Burns -- guitar
Sean Atwell -- bass
Kevin O'Beirne -- drums


01. Old Too Soon Smart Too Late
02. For Now Goodnight
03. The Antidote
04. Miss Hyde
05. Coming Down
06. Of Love And Loathe
07. Testing The Waters
08. Close For Comfort

This is the band's sophomore release and is an extremely high energy one. The songs pretty much range from very energetic pop and punk tunes to a few kind of slow tunes with the record ending on an acoustic note. Very melodic tunes with a great vocal range and great harmonies. These guys definitely know their craft well. The lyrical content is definitely worth checking out. To me songs are like poems set to music and if there's one thing I hate is people who put together bullshit lyrics. These guys definitely know how to write songs that make sense lyrically. All in all a really catchy release with a lot of melody and great guitars. Definitely worth picking up.