Band Website:
Finger Eleven


Band Members:

Scott Anderson - vocals
James Black - guitar
Rick Jackett - guitar
Sean Anderson - bass
Rich Beddoe - drums


01. Paralyzer
02. Falling On
03. I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
04. Lost My Way
05. So-So Suicide
06. Window Song
07. Sense Of A Spark
08. Talking to The Walls
09. Change The World
10. Gather & Give
11. Them Vs. You Vs. Me
12. Easy Life

Apparently these boys have been around for a good while but it seems like they're a brand new band. Maybe to U.S. audiences, they may very well be. There's definitely a lot of hype about these guys and I've seen them in concert. As a live band, they definitely deliver the goods and I think they also deliver the goods on CD as well. There's definitely a lot of energy and passion in the songs. They've released four albums by now and are not known to ever repeat the same album over and over. On this release the songs are catchy and have an infectious groove to them. They're definitely not reinventing the wheel or delivering something you've never heard before but good songs are good songs and if they make you tap your toes and bob your head, then the mission is accomplished.