Band Website:
Sonic Syndicate

Band Members:

Richard Sjunnesson -- vocals
Roger Sjunnesson -- guitar
Robin Sjunnesson -- guitar
Andreas Martensson -- keyboards
Karin Axelsson -- bass, vocals
Kristoffer Backlund -- drums, vocals


01. Jailbreak
02. Enhance My Nightmare
03. History Repeats Itself
04. Zion Must Fall
05. Misanthropic Coil
06. Lamet Of Innocence
07. Prelude To Extinction
08. Soulstone Splinter
09. Crowned In Despair
10. Where The Black Lotus Grows

These guys hail from Sweden. This is their debut release and it's definitely Swedish metal. You've got great guitar work, riffs that smash like a fist in your face, death metal vocals and clean vocals, and great keyboard work. There is some melody in this release as well. The guys are pretty young but they're impressive as hell. I mean this is a really great CD. The production is fantastic. Apparently there are some older songs that have been reworked and they sound great. There are death metal vocals and clean vocals and some chick singing on it too. I love the "Black Lotus" section because it has some awesome double bass drum work on it. This is a fantastic release and coming from such young guys, they should have a good long career.