Band Website:
The Foreshadowing


Band Members:
Marco Benevento -- vocals
Alessandro Pace -- guitars
Andrea Chiodetti -- guitars
Francesco Sosto -- keyboards
Davide Pesola -- bass
Jonah Padella -- drums


01. Cold Waste
02. The Wandering
03. Death Is Our Freedom
04. Departure
05. Eschaton
06. Last Minute Train
07. Ladykiller
08. The Fall
09. Days Of Nothing
10. Into The Lips Of The Earth

This band hails from Italy and this is their debut release. If you're into really depressing stuff or you just flat love anything gothic, this band is for you. These folks are into gothic metal and their songs are melancholy and tread a bit into the doom genre. The songs are catchy and atmospheric but at the same time they use downtuned guitars to keep the darkness within. The songs are a bit slow but you'll find yourself fascinated nonetheless. The vocalist has a very majestic baritone voice and he is a delight to listen to. So if you're in the mood for something deliciously dark sung with emotion then check this CD out.