Band Website:
Framing Hanley


Band Members:

Nixon -- vocals
Tim -- guitars
Brandon -- guitars
Luke -- bass
Chris -- drums


01. Home
02. Built For Sin
03. Hear Me Now
04. Slow Dance
05. All In Your Hands
06. It's Not What They Said
07. 23 Days
08. Count Me In
09. Alone In This Bed (Capeside)
10. Wave Goodbye
11. The Fold

This is the debut release of this band from my understanding and has a nice plethora of radio friendly melodic songs. They're very catchy and well written. I like the variety of tunes. They go from acoustic to punk to rock. Some of the songs that really caught my attention were "23 Days", "Alone In This Bed", and "It's Not What They Said". These guys sound like a lot of other bands of their genre but that's not a bad thing. If you're a rock fan who really likes hook driven melodic rock then these guys offer up some fun music to enjoy. I definitely feel the disc is worth picking up.