Band Website:
Freedom Call


Band Members:

chris Bay -- vocals, guitar
Dan Zimmerman -- drums
Armin Donderer -- bass
Lars Rettkowitz -- guitar


01. Demons Dance
02. Innocent World
03. United Alliance
04. Mr. Evil
05. Queen Of My World
06. Light Up The Sky
07. Worlds Of Endeavour
08. Blackened Sun
09. Dimensions
10. My Dying Paradise
11. Magic Moments
12. Far Away

There are people who really don't care much for power metal but it's a genre I really enjoy. The musical compositions are top notch and have a really soaring sound to them. The vocals are almost operatic sometimes. It's just really great music. This band hails from Germany and has been around for a decade or so. This band always writes songs of a positive bent but you'll find some rather dark stuff on here as well. It's quite an epic piece of work and very diverse in nature. It's kind of reminiscent of Helloween in some of the songs which isn't bad because that's a band I definitely love. All in all they continue to evolve and experiment with their sound and they get tighter and more professional in their work as they go along. I think Freedom Call fans will definitely enjoy this release.