Band Website:
The Frontier Brothers


Band Members:

Travis Newman -- drums
Brett Moses -- keyboards
Marshall Galactic -- vocals, guitar


01. Jump Blues
02. The Future Is
03. Dream Collector
04. How Do You Know That It's Real
05. TechnicalElectronicSuperSonicRobot (T.E.S.S.)

I think what I like the most about this EP is that it has a live vibe to it. Unfortunately I've missed the chance to check these guys out live which is sad because apparently they come to town a lot. I will definitely check these guys out. They have a great punk vibe with well written lyrics that tell stories which is what songs are supposed to do. Poetry set to music. The vocalist is definitely on fire and sings his tales with passion and sincerity. If this is a taste of what is to come, I look forward to it. These guys have fucking raw energy and each song has you tapping your foot. They put the fun and punk back into music. Bravo.