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Band Members:

Auman -- vocal
Demon -- guitar, vocal
Daron -- guitar
Novak -- bass
Toma -- drums


01. Intro = Chaos
02. Modlitma
03. Dtuga Droga Z Piekta
04. Sgnowie Ognia
05. 1902
06. Krew Za Krew
07. Kulminacja
08. Judasz
09. Wiezg
10. Zagubione
11. Busze
12. Linia Incia
13. Intro=Choas
14. Prayer
15. Long Man From Hell
16. Sons Of Fire
17. Blood For Blood
18. Culmination
19. Judas
20. Bonds
21. Lost Souls
22. Lifeline

One of the cool things about this release is that the CD booklet is both in Polish and English. To me that's pretty fucking cool because I like to explore other languages and try to decipher them. The songs are mix of thrash, death, and hardcore. The vocals are a mixture of clean and howling from the bowels of Hell. The CD kicks you in the ass from start to finish and it's quite evident that one of the band's main influences is Slayer. The music is melodic and heavy and crushing. It's definitely a CD that people should check out.