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Jack Frost


Band Members:

Jack Frost -- guitar, vocals
Ted Poley, Alan Tecchio, Neil Turbin, Terry Ilous, Dale Toth, Jeff Martin, Paul Shortino -- vocals
Dennis Hayes, Kevin Bolembach, Mike LePond, Mike Duda, Rev Jones, JOey Vera -- bass
Patrick Johansson, Jeff Curneton, Chuck White -- drums
Eric Ragno -- keyboards


01. Wasting Your Luv (Ted Poley)
02. Hell Or High Water (Alan Tecchio)
03. Crucifixation (Neil Turban)
04. Out In The Cold (Terry Ilous)
05. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (Ted Poley)
06. Peter And Me (Dale Toth)
07. Cold As Ice (Jeff Martin, Paul Shortino)
08. Covered In Blood (Jeff Martin)
09. Hold On Loosely (Jack Frost)
10. Passage To The Classical side (Dale Toth)
11. Head First (Ted Poley)

Being a metal fan, Jack Frost is a household name to me. He's been in Savate, Bronx Casket Company, Seven Witches and has played with Metalium. A very talented and capable guy to say the least. This is his second solo release and what's really cool about this CD is that he has different vocalists on each song. It's definitely a very diverse release. He included three covers which are pretty cool. He definitely includes some ripping guitar riffs and sings one song himself. All in all it's a pretty kickass release and I think it pretty much has something for everyone.