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Band Members:

Frode Forsmo -- vocals, bass
Christian Loos -- guitars
Kjetil Ottersen -- guitars
Anders Eek -- drums


01. This Barren Skin
02. From These Wounds
03. The Architecture of Loss
04. Red Moon
05. Vagrant God
06. Pendulum
07. Saturn
08. Breathing Through You

Funeral doom is an interesting genre of music. It's basically very heavy and dark sounding music with rather dark and I guess you could say depressing lyrics even though at the same time it's rather tranquil and beautiful sounding. I'd definitely say that you have to be in a good frame of mind to listen to this stuff. I think we all like to travel down the dark side every once in a while. All in all they incorporate really melodic beautiful melodies with a vocalist who meshes quite well with that. He evokes a lot of different emotions and really holds the attention of the listener. Interestingly enough the drummer kind of recedes into the background instead of being a dominant force like most drummers are but that lends to the music as well. You definitely focus more on the guitars, violins, and keyboards. In "From These Wounds" the drumming at one point really reminds me of a coffin closing. The songs focus on despair, anger, and emotional struggles that I think a lot of people feel at various times in their lives when dealing with feelings of loss and sorrow at death. Apparently the members of this band have had to deal with quite a bit of loss as well. In 2003 a founding member of the band committed suicide and then in 2006 one of their guitarists died. All in all it's a very well done record with beautiful melodies.