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Band Members:

James Joyce - guitar
Alex Hernandez - drums
John Strachan - vocals
Adam Campbell - bass
Justin Garcia - guitar


01. Thieves
02. Black Earth
03. The Gathering Bones
04. Wounds
05. These Ties That Bind
06. Arches Of Existence
07. When The Light Ends
08. Devourer
09. Ghost Walker

Wow, this is a bit different from the last record they put out. This band is what is known as blackened death metal which I know sounds like a dish off a menu. But it's a good dish. This is more of a black metal record than anything else I think. Of course I am an afficionado of black metal so that's not a bad thing at all. Instead of keyboards there's a second guitar in the mix. It definitely adds a more heavier sound to the record. The songs are very brutal and the listener gets pummeled with guitars and blast beats throughout the song. There's a really good variety of songs on here. It's one of those records where the more you listen to it the more you get into it. The title track is something like almost nine minutes long and it's actually pretty cool to listen to. The song ends with a really good instrumental section and then the next song basically kicks your ass again. I think the title track is what is really going to grab people just because of the guitar work on it and the orchestral sound to it. I think that song is just incredible. "Gathering Bones" is a cool song too. The guitars just drag the listener down into a vortex of despair. The guys are experimenting with their sound which is good because it keeps things lively and you never know what to expect so it keeps things interesting.