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Woe J. Reaper -- vocals, all instruments


01. A Lie About My Sabbath
02. Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall
03. Beneath The Wings Of The Black Vomit Above
04. The Deeds That Grasp To The Candle's Shade
05. Mandragora Officinarum
06. Goatbreath
07. Deep In The Pot of Fresh Antipodal Weave
08. Djerve Djevel

This is the North American debut from the Norwegian band Furze who have two other albums that they released prior to this one. Frost guests on this record. The record is divided into two halves. The first half is called "Beneath The Odd-Edge Sounds To The Twilight Contract Of The Black Fascist" and the second half is called "The Wealth Of The Penetration In The Abstract Paradigmas Of Satan". The first half has fuzzy guitars and is very fierce and powerful. The second half is in a more experimental vein and has random growling and screaming. There's a lot of distortion with some good guitar riffs. It's really a nice, evil sounding record. I feel like the first half basically lures you in as the seasoned black metal listener and you're treated to some good basic black metal and then the second half is like a weird psychedlic carnival of odd evilness. "Mandragora Officinarum" really reminds me of early Black Sabbath in the riff department. All in all, it's a well rounded album where this guy basically does what he wants to do and it sounds pretty maniacal.