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Band Members:

Jo Amore -- vocals
Alex Hilbert -- guitars
Franck Millerliri -- guitars
Yves Campion -- bass
David Amore -- drums, vocals


01. Temple Of Tears
02. A Taste Of Armageddon
03. Messenger Of Faith
04. Secret Rules
05. The Dressmaker
06. Endless Agony
07. Paranormal Magnitude Pt. II
08. Circle Of The Dark
09. Haunting Memories
10. Heretic
11. The Dominion Gate
12. The Watchtower
13. K-141

This is a metal band out of France. Apparently they've been around for quite some time but this is their first American release. I think what stands out on this CD is the vocalist. The guy's voice can soar when it needs to and can be quieter when it needs to. There's a really good variation in the songs. There are up tempo songs, ballads, epic tunes with an almost operatic sound to them. You even get some death metal vocals and female vocals. The guitars are heavy and you get some really good solos. It's a very enjoyable CD and I'm glad we finally get a taste of this really great band.