Band Website:
The Mobile Mob Freakshow


Band Members:

Commander Reinhagen -- vocals, guitars
Bengtsson -- guitars
Jay Zed -- bass
B. Haley -- drums


01. Criminality Is Art
02. Alcomotor Man
03. Tankride
04. Obnoxious
05. We Don't Like You
06. Don't Roll The Dice
07. Bourbon And Boredom
08. Get Out Of My Life
09. Superslut
10. Teenage Trash Messiah
11. Violate Me
12. Lost Boy

Another kickass band from Sweden. These guys are into blood, guts, sex, and psychos according to Kerrang. Well, that's right up my alley. You've got 12 tunes of punk attitude and metal riffs that will definitely keep you dancing all night long. Check it out!