Band Website:
Boys Like Girls


Band Members:

Martin Johnson -- vocals, rhythm guitar
John Keefe -- drums
Bryan Donahue -- bass
Paul DiGiovanni -- lead guitar


01. The Great Escape
02. Five Minutes To Midnight
03. Hero/Heroine
04. On Top Of The World
05. Thudner
06. Me, You And My Medication
07. Up Against The Wall
08. Dance Hall Drug
09. Learning To Fall
10. Heels Over Head
11. Broken Man
12. Holiday

This was a pretty enjoyable CD. Harmonious melodic rock where guys sing about loving girls. These guys are a mixture of pop and punk and are very talented musicians. They've been around for a year now I guess and this is their debut album. The album has consistency to it and I would say is a very solid effort. The songs are very catchy and the lyrics may be a bit simplistic but I grew up listening to music like that and I find nothing wrong with she did me wrong songs and whatnot. I think a lot of people will dig these guys if they give them a chance. They remind me a bit of All American Rejects.