Band Website:
So I Had To Shoot Him

Band Members:

Libby -- vocals, keyboards
Prince Kodiak -- guitar, vocals
The Fantasticality -- guitar
Lord Lion Frenzy -- bass, vocals
Dan -- drums, keyboards


01. People Hugging And Football
02. Another Roman E' Clef By Hart Bochmer
03. Cadavertising
04. John Cleese And The Fountain Of Youth
05. King Diamond In The Rough
06. Stoicism Conservatory for The Married Of Heart
07. Chausson Chansson
08. Contusion Schematics
09. Sherman Tank-flavored Anvil Forcefeedings
10. Persuasive

I had the chance to see these guys live and while things sound a little disjointed and not what the ear is commonly accustomed to hearing, that's what makes this shit pretty cool. It's totally out of the ordinary and at the same time the musicians are very capable, more than capable, of playing their instruments. This material must be damn challenging to play but they pull it off with ease. It's hard to describe what this shit. Matter of fact it's indescribable. Maybe that's why it sounds so cool. The humorous titles are attention getting as well. How can you possibly go wrong with "Sherman Tank-flavored Anvil Forcefeedings"? Pick this CD up and be prepared to hear spastic, eclectic noise.