Band Website:
Girl Scout Hand Grenade


Band Members:

Tanya -- vocals
Mike -- guitar, vocals
Andrew -- bass
Jacob -- drums


01. Misama
02. The consequence Of Breathing
03. A Void Embrace
04. Lost In Poland

I must say that the title on this CD is a mouthful. This is a four track demo and I have to admit I'm impressed. The vocalist is a chick and she can emit some death metal style growling that would make many a male vocalist envious. The music is a mixture of hardcore and techno with some heavy assed riffs and a bass line that will rattle your fucking teeth with some damn fine drumming thrown in the mix. The songs are aggressive and abrasive and they have an in your face attitude. The band is politically motivated but somehow in some way people need to wake the fuck up and smell the coffee and realize that something isn't right internally. The songs are catchy and unforgettable. Check these guys out.