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Band Members:

Gaahl -- vocals
Infernus -- guitar
King Ov Hell -- bass
Frost -- drums


01. Wound Open
02. Prosperity And Beauty
03. Carving A Giant
04. God Seed (Twilight Of The Idols)
05. Sign Of An Open Eye
06. Untamed Forces
07. Exit
08. White Seed

These guys are pretty well known. They've apparently been in the news because of their extreme views and they do openly practice satanism and it's very apparent in their music. I love Gaahl's raspy vocals and the eerie feeling in the music. These guys aren't really into fast music. Instead their stuff is a little slower which really makes it spooky and creepy. These guys definitely didn't disappoint me on this release. When it comes to evil, creepy shit these guys are on the ball.