Band Website:
Gaia Epicus

Band Members:

Thomas Christian Hansen -- guitar, vocals
Joakim "Jokke" Kjelstad -- guitar, backing vocals
Mikael Dunna -- drums
Yngve Hanssen -- bass


01. Welcome (intro)
02. Time And Space
03. Miracles
04. Sieze The Day!
05. Hand Of Fate
06. Wings Of Freedom
07. Spanish Eyes
08. No Release?
09. Chamber Of Secrets
10. Be Thy Cross My Victory
11. Symphony Of Glory

This band hails from the country of Norway. Norway is mostly known for its black metal bands but these guys are more in the power metal vein. They describe themselves as progressive power metal and there is indeed a mixture of progressive rock and power metal present. The guitar riffs are fast and amazing and there is the presence of double bass drums as well as keyboards in all the right places. It's a very well structured album and the band members are very talented. This isn't a pansy assed band. They're heavy and melodic. At the same time there are catchy choruses and a definite sing along. I especially love "Spanish Eyes". I thought that was a really cool song. Definitely a very strong release. Unfortunately Yngve Hanssen died in a car wreck before the CD release. I hope he's proud of what he accomplished.