Band Website:
Let Go

Band Members:

Chris Serafini -- bass
Jamie Woolford -- vocals
Scott Hessel -- drums


01. Illuminati
02. Spotlights
03. Bombs Away
04. Louise
05. Run & Hide
06. No Drugs, No Alcohol
07. 120 BPM
08. Almost, Always Maybe
09. Paper-Cuts
10. Somewhere
11. Resistance Is Futile
12. Bright Eyes, No Brains

This CD is one of the best I've gotten so far. A lot of rocking songs on here with great melodies and great vocals. It's definitely a CD you sing along to when you're in the car. Great lyrical content too. This CD is well put together and the production on it is great. I really enjoyed the whole thing and it's still in rotation in my car's CD player.