Band Website:
Monster Magnet

Band Members:

David Wyndorf -- guitar, vocals
John McBain -- guitar
Joe Calandra -- bass
Jon Kleiman -- drums


01. Pill Shover
02. Medicine
03. Nod Scene
04. Black Mastermind
05. Zodiac Lung
06. Spine Of God
07. Snake Dance
08. Sin's A Good Man's Brother
09. Ozium
10. Ozium (demo)

If you are on your way to becoming a Monster Magnet fan then you need to pick this record up for your introductory course. It's a re-release of an incredible album. It's an aggressive rock album with heavy assed riffs, the drum solo on "Pill Shovel", and just the whole stoner rock feel. There's a term called psychedelia and that's what this record is definitely full of. Weird and strange things that capture your attention from the get go. This is Monster Magnet at it's best. They even do a cover of Gran Funk Railroad's "Sin's A Good Man's Brother". Once you work your way through this record, there are other delicacies out there but you must listen to this over and over.