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Band Members:

Jan Chris de Koeijer -- vocals, bass
Frank Harthoorn -- guitar
Boudewijn Bonebakker -- guitar
Ed Warby -- drums


01. Revolt
02. Rise To Ruin
03. The War On Stupidity
04. A Question Of Terror
05. Babylon's Whores
06. Speak When Spoken To
07. A Grim Charade
08. Murder Brigade
09. The End Of It All

These guys had apparently split up for a bit but reunited in 2005. This is their latest release and I have to say that this is a kickass record. They're described as being a mixture of death metal and death and roll which means there's some groove to this shit. I think the one song that really stands out on this records is "Babylons Whores". It's about nine minutes long and is really interesting. It's death metal with some prog and doom thrown in the mix. These guys have excellent musical talents so I highly recommend that you pick this up. You won't regret it.