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Band Members:

Luc Lemay -- vocals, guitar
Sylvain Marcoux -- guitar
Eric Giguere -- bass
Stephane Provencher -- drums


01. With Their Flash, He'll Create
02. Condemned To Obscurity
03. The Erosion Of Sanity
04. Orphans Of Sickness
05. Hideous Infirmity
06. A Path Beyond Premonition
07. Odors Of Existence
08. Dormant Misery
09. A Path Beyond Premonition (bonus)
10. Disecting The Adopted (bonus)

This is a re-release of another classic Gorguts album. It's the kind of album you have to listen to a few times before you really start devouring it. It's definitely a very savory death metal release. This particular release is a little bit different in that the lyrics kind of revert from death and gore and satanism and all that shit and are a little bit more intelligently thought provoking I suppose you could say. The production on the record is quite sound and these boys just give it their all. It's a loud, bold, thunderous release and if this isn't part of your music collection, now is the time to get it.