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Band Members:

Fredrik Isaksson -- bass
Ola Lindgren -- vocals, guitar
Ronnie Bergerstahl -- drums


01. A World In Darkness
02. Fallen (Angel Son)
03. Deathstorm
04. Stained By Hate
05. Bloodpath
06. Annihilated God
07. Sinners Lust
08. Dark Signs
09. 8th Dominion

This band hails out of Sweden which of course is a hotbed for music of all genres. This release is a bit more uptempo than "Fendish Regression" and even outdoes "Soulless" which was one of my favorite Grave releases. The record is full of catchy riffs and runs the gamut from fast, intense music to mid tempo with quite a bit of groove. Definitely a great old school death metal album that death metal aficionados will appreciate. In my opinion Ola Lindgren is an excellent death metal vocalist. He has the signature death metal growls but at the same time you can understand him. He growls out the lyrics in a distinct manner and in a very convincing and emotional manner. Grave is definitely one of the pioneers of the Swedish scene and one of the most brutal out there.