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Margo Guryan


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Margo Guryan -- vocals


01. 16 Words
02. Yes I Am

As much as I can't stand George W. Bush and I will admit to that fact, it's interesting how many people through their music speak out against this guy. So much so that people come out of the woodwork just to speak out against this bastard. Margo Guryan first made a record back in 1968 called Take A Picture and then in 2001 put out a record called 25 Demos. She recorded her song "16 Words" in response to Bush's idiotic 2003 State Of The Union Address and now this song applies to Tony Blair who is equally a bastard. "Yes I Am" was originally written in 1974 and directed towards Richard M. Nixon who was fucknut in his own right and this song is also being directed at Bush. Apparently many musicians have been impressed with her songwriting ability to have covered her songs over the years. She blends elements of pop, folk, and jazz music for a very pleasant eclectic sound. There is also a video for "16 Words" as a bonus. This little taste of Margo will have me searching out her two full length releases.