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Band Members:

Balsac The Jaws Of Death -- guitar

Oderus Urungus -- vocals
Beefcake The Mighty -- bass
Jizmak Da Gusha -- drums
Flattus Maximus -- guitar


01. Intro
02. War Is All We Know
03. Murderers Muse
04. Go To Hell
05. I Love The Pigs
06. Tormentor
07. Eighth Lock
08. The Ultimate Bohab
09. Destroyed
10. The One That Will Not Be Named
11. Back In Crack
12. School's Out

I've had the opportunity to see GWAR live several times and I fucking love this band. They put on a great show and they don't spare anyone. I put this disc in and it fucking blew me away. It fucking rocks! What else can I say? The band is fucking tight. The lyrics are well written and really honest observations. I love the sense of humor that eminates off this record. Yeah, their lyrics could be seen as offensive but they're just poking fun at a lof of fucking assholes. And with good reason. Personally I think this is the best thing they've done in a long time. It's basically a rock opera talking about how they went to hell and back. They also do a badass cover of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" for shits and grins. The whole record just flows together and it's easily the best buy you can make. They also include a DVD of their live performance which must be seen to be believed. They've got a nice gatefold CD package which includes photos of the band and a lyric sheet which explains the storyline. All in all a very badass CD. Don't take my word for it. Go out and buy this sheer madness.