Band Website:
Gynger Lynn


Band Members:

Jim Stuppy -- bass
Dean Pressley -- vocals, guitar
Will Hair -- lead guitar
Frank Will -- drums


01. Dirty
02. Reasons Why
03. One And Only
04. My, My Lisa
05. Why Is It Over
06. On My Way
07. Tell The World
08. In My Heart
09. Wanna Be Your Lover
10. I Love The Lights
11. Arms Around You
12. Faces
13. Love

I received this CD in the mail from Eonian Records and stuck it in the player. Being a huge fan of 80's rock music these guys instantly grabbed my attention. I got a kick out of the band name as it's named after porn starlet Ginger Lynn. Gotta love boys!!! These guys formed in 1989 and apparently didn't get very far because unfortunately most bands had to be in L.A. to get noticed even though Enuff Z'Nuff who also hail from Chicago definitely made it very big. As a matter of fact, looks wise, they do remind me of the Z'Nuff boys. I listened to the CD and I really enjoyed it. It contains a lot of cool tunes about love and relationships and the vocalist definitely has a great voice. My favorite tune has to be "Faces". It's got a very catchy tune to it and deals with the issue of racism. I thought "Dirty" was pretty ballsy and in your face. There are also some cool ballads on here and I'm always a sucker for ballads. All in all a pretty damn good CD which I have listened to severals times. I'm definitely in like with this one.