Band Website:
Horse The Band

Band Members:

Nathan Winneke -- vocals
David Isen -- guitar
Erik Engstrom -- keyboards
Dashiell Arkenstone -- bass guitar
Eli Green -- drums


01. Birdo
02. A Million Exploding Suns
03. Manateen
04. The House Of Boo
05. Heroes Die
06. Softer Sounds
07. Octopus On Fire
08. Soaring Quails
09. Taken By Vultures
10. A Rusty Glove
11. Sand
12. Lord Gold Throneroom
13. The Black Hole

This CD was quite enjoyable and has a good amount of tracks on it. Nothing bored me but yet it isn't long enough to bore me. I'm a sucker for double bass. I've always enjoyed double bass. There's definitely some intense keyboard work on this release. Lot of distorted guitar. Definitely a lot of experimental work on here. Good stuff. Buy it.