Band Website:
Hanoi Rocks


Band Members:

Michael Monroe -- vocals, harmonica, sax, piano
Andy McCoy -- guitars, piano
Conny Bloom -- guitars
Andy "A.C." Christell -- bass
Lacu -- drums, percussion


01. Hypermobile
02. Street Poetry
03. Fashion
04. Highwired
05. Power Of Persuasion
06. Teenage Revolution
07. Worth Your Weight In Gold
08. Transcendental Groove
09. This One's For Rock'N'Roll
10. Powertrip
11. Walkin' Away
12. Tootin' Star
13. Fumblefoot And Busy Bee
14. Better High

As I was listening to this I read their story of this guy who would recite poetry and how much of an impact this guy had on them. It kind of reminds you of how much of an impact Hanoi Rocks was to us. They've come back with an even better record full of toe tapping, in your face rock and roll. I'm glad to see that these boys aren't letting up any time soon. I read a remark where someone stated that Hanoi Rocks is like a good wine, it gets better with age. Well, that's a true sentiment. This record seems to have more of a 70's glam thing going. Music that was meant to be enjoyed. Once again they have put out a great album with good, strong songs. Very consistent and I can't dispense with any of them although I will say that "Street Poetry" is a huge favorite of mine. This is a record you definitely need to pick up and when you put in the player, read the liner notes. They're a major part of the experience.