Band Website:
Hanoi Rocks


Band Members:

Michael Monroe -- vocals, sax, harp, guitars, keyboards, percussion
Andy McCoy -- guitars
Costello Hautamäki -- guitars
Timpa -- bass
Lacu -- drums, percussion


01. Intro
02. Obscured
03. Bad News
04. New York City
05. Delirious
06. A Day Late, A Dollar Short
07. In My Darkest Moment
08. People Like Me
09. Whatcha Want
10. Moonlite Dance
11. Gypsy Boots
12. Lucky
13. Watch This
14. Designs On You
15. L.A.C.U.
16. Are You Lonely Tonight
17. Winged Bull

Oh man, where do I start? I guess this is probably going to be one of my longest reviews ever. When I was a mere lass who had just turned 16, I had a birthday party and of course what do you get a teenager for their birthday? Back then you got them LPs. Well this Cambodian friend of mine who was into rock and metal and punk got me this record called Two Steps From The Move by a band called Hanoi Rocks. I had no idea who the fuck these guys were but when I put that LP on my turntable and put the needle down I knew one thing. This was the best fucking punk rock band ever. Ever. Then not long after that Razzle was killed in Vince Neil's car. I think we all know the infamous story about that. To this very day that brings tears to my eyes because that was the end. Right there. And for two years I thought that that one record was the only one I would ever have by these guys. I went into the Air Force, got stationed in Austin, Texas and went with this friend of mine into some hole in the wall record store. I don't remember what it was called but you could find stuff there that you didn't find in mainstream record stores. They had a section called Hanoi Rocks and I went over there expecting to see a few copies of that one record. Instead I found all of their releases prior to that one record and I went home with all of that shit. It made Razzle's death and the breakup of the band more bearable because I had all of that music to listen to. Well, I was a bit afraid and skeptical about what this new version of Hanoi Rocks would sound like. I didn't know what to expect but by God Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy picked up right where they left off. This CD totally blew me away. Not only do they still have punk infused songs but they also have some really good blues rock moments as well. These guys always wrote really good catchy music and they have definitely stayed the course with this one. Not only have they retained their style but they also manage to sound fresh and modern as well. I guess I really had nothing to fear and all I can say is buy this record if you haven't already. There's some extra bonus stuff on it and there isn't one single song on it that is a throw away.