Band Website:
Hanoi Rocks


Band Members:

Michael Monroe -- vocals, harmonica, sax, jew's harp, guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, castanet, drums
Andy McCoy -- guitars, bouzuki, mandolin, acoustic & 12-string guitars, clavinet
Conny Bloom -- guitars
Andy "A.C." Christell -- bass
Lacu -- drums, percussion


01. Intro
02. Back In Yer Face
03. Insert I
04. Hurt
05. The Devil In You
06. Love
07. Talk To The Hand
08. Eternal Optimist
09. Insert II
10. No Compromise, No Regrets
11. Reggae Rocker
12. You Make The Earth Move
13. Insert III
14. Better High
15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
16. Insert IV
17. Center Of My Universe

If you read my review for Twelve Shots On The Rocks then you know how far back I go being a major Hanoi Rocks fan. If you haven't read it, read it. I can only say that it's wonderful that Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy decided to bring Hanoi Rocks back alive again. They have that same enthusiasm and energy and passion that they had back when they started this. This release is another really good rocking album with guitar riffs and great lyrics. They've always had great lyrics but they definitely have matured in that department and it really shows. Not only is the production on this record phenomenal and the sound of it fits in today but you still get that glimpse of vintage 80's and that glam feeling all over again. That is what this band is and that's what this band needs to bring to people who have been starved of really good music. I think the boys have definitely outdone themselves on this one. This record has everything. A variety of instruments and musical styles and great solos. All of the songs on this record offer the listener a wonderful journey into a variety of emotions and moods. You get ballsy rockers and touching ballads. Jump in and take a ride.