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Band Members:
Knut Buen -- fiddle, recitation
Ihsahn -- vocals, guitar
Starofash -- vocals, keyboards, piano


01. Daudingen
02. Fanitullen
03. Faens Marsj
04. Margit Hjukse
05. Den Bergtekne
06. Faen på Bordstabelen
07. Grimen
08. Fossegrimen
09. Nykken
10. Huldreslåtten Bygdatråen

This is definitely something quite unusual but very pleasing to the ear. This is described as a unique recording and that it is. This CD features Ihsahn from Emperor, Heidi S. Tveitan from Star Of Ash, and a fiddler by the name of Knut Buen. These are Norwegian folk tunes which also incorporate folk, electronica, and metal and a few other things to boot. The songs are sung in nynorsk. The music is very ethereal and ambivent and it's Ihsahn who really adds the metal aspect to things. This is probably the most unusual piece of music I've heard but if you're open to unusual pieces of music, then give this a listen. It's really beautiful stuff.