Band Website:
Mick Harvey


Band Members:

Mick Harvey -- electric piano, vocals
James Johnston -- electric guitar
Rosie Westbrook -- double bass
Rob Ellis -- drums
Thomas Wydler -- drums


01. Photograph
02. I Don't Want You On My Mind
03. Sad Dark Eyes
04. Here I Am
05. Blue Arrows
06. No Doubt
07. Everything Is Fixed
08. A Walk On The Wild Side
09. Little Star
10. Slow-Motion-Movie-Star
11. Out Of Time Man
12. Home Is Far From Here

I always enjoy reviewing this musician's work because I never know what to expect and he definitely delivers on the goods. He's a member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds as everyone knows of course. Once again the musical quality is absolutely excellent. The songs are a great variety of styles. This is apparently his fourth solo effort and has a mixture of other people's songs and his own original compositions. It's amazing how he can make other people's songs his own and it's like hearing them for the first time. I like his vocals. They're so charasmatic and self-assured. I like "Blue Arrows" and "Little Star". I think he really shines on those mainly because they are two of the original compositions on this release. What's interesting is that the covers are from rather obscure bands that I am not familiar with but I will definitely be looking into. Perhaps that is his intention and if so, it works. It's an eclectic collection of songs and as usual opens my mind to music I otherwise wouldn't listen to. I thank him for that.