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Mick Harvey



01. Two Guitars
02. At Neville's Gate
03. Cicaders
04. Homecoming
05. By The River
06. Face To Face
07. Reuniting
08. Finale
09. Main Theme
10. Three Guitars
11. Noises/Fire
12. Piano Theme
13. Setting Sail
14. Antarctica
15. Things Going Wrong
16. The Man Who Made Pictures
17. In The Wars
18. Papua/New Guinea
19. Things Going Wrong Again
20. Back In Australia
21. Crimes
22. End Titles
23. The Stabbing
24. In The Bar
25. The Polish Market
26. In The Bar Again
27. The Farewell Song

This is a pretty cool release of songs that he's contributed to various movies and documentaries. The music is extremely diverse on this release and you really appreciate the man's musical talent. The songs come from the movies Lighting Fires, Chopper, Sparrow, Rien Ne Vas Plus, Frank Hurley - The Man Who Made History, Rosehill, and Go For Gold. There is such an amazing variety of music from simple numbers to dramatic numbers and you really get a good taste of what this man is capable of. It's not your usual rock music fare but it's definitely worth a listen.