Band Website:
Handful Of Hate


Band Members:

Nicola -- guitar, vocals
Matteo -- bass
Gionata -- drums
Geny -- guitar


01. Livid
02. Theory Of Perfection
03. Used To Discipline
04. Tied, Whipped...Educated
05. Grotesque In Pleasure, Rotten In Vice
06. Reproach And Blame
07. Spawn Of Decadence
08. Whiplaw
09. Ejaculation Dementiae

This a black metal band out of Italy and they're definitely another band that I really like from this genre. These guys are old school black metal with a fresh and modern sound. They're bleak and creepy and chilly just like a good black metal band should be. There's some great production on this album and the songs are really good. No filler material to be found here. The songs are varied and differ a bit from each other. It's a good brutal record guaranteed to chill any black metal fan's heart.