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Band Members:

Peter "Pepe" Lyse Hansen -- guitar
Jacob Bredahl -- vocals
Mixen Lindberg -- bass
Henrik Jacobsen -- guitar
Dennis Buhl -- drums


01. Lies And Deceit
02. The Stain
03. Damned Below Judas
04. Drinking With The King Of The Dead
05. Forever War
06. Feeding The Demons
07. Floating
08. Let Them Hate
09. Absolution

This is the fifth release for the Danish band Hatesphere. The songs are a bit more diverse on this release and you see some slower songs mixed in. Usually this band plays at a speedy rate but apparently they can handle more slower tempos without losing any of the heaviness that they are so well known for. The guitar riffs are absolutely fantastic and you can groove to some of this this as well. The vocals as usual are stellar. I think the band shows that they can be innovative and aren't afraid to experiment with their sound any but yet they still maintain their signature brutal style. Great stuff.