Band Website:
Brothers Of The Head

Band Members:

Tom Howe -- vocals, guitar
Barry Howe -- vocals
Steve Spitz -- guitar
Paul Day -- bass
Tubs Puller -- drums


01. 2-Way Romeo
02. Sitting In A Car
03. I Am A Sock
04. Nelson's Blood
05. Doola & Dawla
06. My Friend (U C***)
07. Sink Or Swim
08. D-Rive
09. Hey Hey
10. My Friend (Acoustic)
11. No Money (Clive's High Five)
12. I Am A Sock (The Noize)
13. Sink Or Swim (Live)
14. Two Way Romeo (Live)
15. Doola & Dawla (Acoustic)
16. Two Way Romeo (Alternate Version)

I really enjoyed listening to this release. It's some very well written, heartfelt raucous punk music. This is a soundtrack for a movie that's about the music of the mid 70's punk scene in London and it's apparently based on a band called The Bang Bang whose two main members are conjoined twins. Now that has to be a fucking pain in the ass to be hooked together at the chest and you can't ever take a shit without the other one hanging out with you. But I digress. It's important to see the movie as well because it apparently gives you some good insight on the scene at that time. It's raw, aggressive, and intense music. My favorite tune on the CD has to be "Two Way Romeo". So pick up the CD and the rockumentary and be prepared to enjoy some kickass punk. The music is in the vein of the Clash and the Pistols.