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Band Members:

Schmier -- vocals, bass
Schmuddel -- guitar
Jorg Michael -- drums


01. 3rd Man Introduction
02. Parasite Of Society
03. Silverskull
04. Remission
05. Doomsday For The Prayer
06. 18 And Life
07. Read My Lips
08. Backs To The Wall
09. Egomaniac
10. The Calling
11. Payback Time

Well, it looks like Headhunter reunited with a vengeance. This is their first CD since they released Rebirth and they're basically using the same playbook. It's thrash metal with a groove to it as incorporating speed metal and power metal. Schmier is equally adept at thrash vocals and more melodic singing. I totally dug their cover of Skid Row's "18 And Life". They definitely do justice to that song and even offer a twist with it. I definitely see this as the comeback record of the year. Hail, hail to Schmier!