Band Website:
Alex De Rosso

Band Members:
Roberto Tiranti -- vocals
Alessandro (Alex) De Rosso -- guitars, keyboards, programming
Mauro Catellani -- bass
Dave Fini -- drums


01. My World
02. Not Just Anyone
03. Feeling Myself Again
04. Ordinary Man
05. All In A Crime
06. What's Yours Is Mine...
07. Catch 22
08. Silence
09. Young
10. Change My Life
11. Get Off The Dime
12. 'Til I Know

Yet another fine piece of work comes my way. This band is composed of several fine musicians who ply their craft well. The guitar work on this record stands out the most which isn't surprising seeing as Alex De Rosso is handling such an instrument. You may remember him from having been in Dokken for a brief period. The vocals are outstanding, especially the harmonies in the backing vocals. The drumming is exceptional. This is melodic hard rock at it's finest. After a few listens to this CD you will be singing along.