Band Website:
The Smackdown

Band Members:

Rob Hardy -- vocals
Linus Polumbo -- guitar
Vesslan -- guitar
JJ Styles -- bass
Matte Kryss -- drums


01. Disordered Like It's 95
02. The Dave Mustaine Syndrome
03. My Entrance Looked Better When It Had Firecrackers
04. To Go Kamkikaze
05. Irwin R. Never Changed The World
06. Nothing To No-Show For, Rewrite Is A Dud
07. Too Fast For Love
08. Nothing New
09. The Game
10. Raised On A Straigh Diet Of Mark-Outs And Motley Crue
11. Rewritten For Dramatical Purpose
12. Taking Over Primetime
13. I Don't Know About Yours And I Don't Know About Yours...But Our Character Was Deafening

One thing that can draw me to a band really quickly is goofy assed song titles. It shows me that the band has a good sense of humor. All I can say is that this music is fast paced and I mean fast. 21 minutes and you're like huh? It's over? If you want a repeat of their fucking brutality you better set your CD player on repeat. There is no spacing in between songs so just enjoy the fucking chaos folks.