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Band Members:

Johan Liiva -- vocals Max Thornell -- drums Mattias Ljung -- guitars Jocke "Skägget" Knutsson -- bass


01. House Of Love
02. Corroding Armour
03. Intoxication
04. The Naked Truth
05. Crusade (Gonna Start A Fire)
06. Among The Forlorn
07. Atrocious Recoil
08. Hearse
09. In These Veins

This release is their fourth and it's definitely a fine example of catchy melodic Swedish death metal. The songs are brutal but catchy and memorable. There's also quite a thrash influence thrown in for good measure. The guitar work is excellent whether it's a slower tune or a fast tempo tune. The vocals are very harsh and raw and sometimes the vocalist is a bit verbose. All I can say is that while this record is abrasive and harsh it also has a groove to it. A surprisingly good groove. I think if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into but at the same time has a good groove to it, this is your best bet.