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Band Members:

Doug Piercy -- guitars
Darren Minter -- drumsr
David White Godfrey -- vocals
Lee Atlus -- guitars


01. Hypnotized
02. Opiate Of The Masses
03. Heathen's Song
04. Kill The King
05. Fear Of The Unknown
06. Prisoners Of Fate
07. Morbid Curiosity
08. Guitarmony
09. Mercy Is No Virtue
10. Timeless Cell Of Prophecy
11. Hellbound (bonus)

This is a very cool thrash band out of the Bay area. These guys wrote really good songs and this release was no exception. The musicianship on this record is definitely quite excellent. The guitar work on this record is exceptional and that's what stands out on it to me. This band was definitely overlooked and you can listen to this and get a feel for the early raw power of thrash metal. This band was new and exciting and will blow you away when you put it on. These guys just flat out knew how to write songs and there are so many great songs on this CD. Pick it up and enjoy thrash at its best.