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Band Members:

Ole Walaunet -- guitars
Frediablio -- vocals
Horgh -- drums


01. The Power
02. Separation Of My Soul
03. Breed Apart
04. Unborn (Intro)
05. Unborn
06. The Ashes Of The Gods
07. Reap The Fire
08. Touched By A Shadow Of Evil
09. Tools Of The Trade
10. Fight Or Die

This album appears to me to be a lot heavier than their initial release and they seem to have really evolved as musicians and songwriters. There appears to be a very dark mood to this release and it's very brutal. Apparently the band produced this release themselves rather than using Peter Tägtgren. Perhaps that explains the very angry mood of the whole record. I found it very enjoyable because of it's heavy, brutal nature and the riffs on here. I was very entertained by the tempo changes within the same song. I am always fascinated by how people can always play to such technical perfection. There's also the interchange of clean vocals with growls. I like the way they mix black, death, and thrash metal and come up with a really awesome product. This is definitely well worth a listen.