Band Website:
Rob Rock

Band Members:
Rob Rock -- vocals
Andreas Olsson -- bass
Carljohan Grimmark -- guitar
Andreas Johanssen -- drums
Daniel Hall -- guitar


01. Slayer Of Souls
02. First Winds Of The End Of Time
03. Calling Angels
04. Holy Hell
05. Lion Of Judah
06. I'm A Warrior
07. I'll Be Waiting For You
08. When Darkness Reigns
09. The Revelation
10. Move On

This CD is chock full of heavy, melodic riffs sure to send you flying out of your seat with a sonic boom. I had heard that this guy had a great voice and I definitely wasn't dissapointed in the least. The guitar shredding on here is ass kicking and it's great to hear some guitar solo work on here. The guy definitely writes some great tunes and I loved the ballad. I'm just a sucker for that shit, what can I say? The record is heavy, aggressive, and there is no filler at all. Rob Rock has sung with many bands and is apparently in high demand but definitely showcases his talents on his own releases. Definitely some great power metal.