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Band Members:

Chris -- drums
Baal Ravenlock -- bass, drums, vocals
Les -- guitars
Jeff -- bass, guitars, vocals


01. Impaled Archangels
02. Crown Is Mine
03. Empire Deep Down Under
04. Black Flag Of Satan
05. Necromonstrosity
06. Hellspawn
07. When Ancient Horror Lives
08. Stonecold
09. Cursed Infernal Steel
10. Glorious Triumph Of Darkness
11. Devourer Of Souls
12. The Art Of Necromancy

This is a cool death metal band that hails from Poland and I just totally dug this CD. The band was formed by members of Damnation and Behemoth so naturally there are some black metal elements and you can detect some thrash influences as well. The music is fucking heavy, dark, and brutal. It definitely sounds like a band that was formed in Hell. This is a highly recommended release. I especially love the guttural growling vocals.