Band Website:
The Bronx Casket Co

Band Members:

Spy -- vocals
D.D. Verni -- guitar, bass
Jack Frost -- guitar
Charlie Calv -- keyboards
Tim Mallare -- drums


01. Little Dead Girl
02. Everything I Got
03. Dream Of Angels
04. Sherimoon
05. Bleed With Me
06. Motorcrypt
07. Let My People Go
08. Free Bird
09. In My Skin
10. Can't Stop The Rain
11. Moriticians Lullaby
12. Live For Death

You can imagine my pleasant shock when I got a hold of this disc and took a look at the musicians who participated in this projectic. Anything that has D.D. Verni and Jack Frost in it is bound to be good. What was really cool was that it didn't sound anything like the bands these boys have played in. This is creeppy goth metal at its best and it reminds you a bit of White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails in it's intensity and melodic compositions. They even do a gothic version of "Free Bird" and it sounds fucking amazing! The music while a bit dark and creepy has a humorous overtone in it and quite honestly this is just exceptional material. If you're looking for something a bit different try these guys out.